The Internet is the most popular information resource and the fastest and most effective way to disseminate information, surpassing today even television and print sources.

At the same time, in the global network, information is distributed most quickly and without borders. These circumstances concern not only news, educational and information products, but slander and insults. Modern information technologies have made the Internet available to almost everyone.

The accessibility and vastness of the Internet, the relative anonymity of its users, gives almost limitless opportunities not only for masters of the literary genre, but also for slanderers and criminals of all stripes.

Slanderers through the Internet conduct active and multi-stage actions to discredit successful people and companies, while causing not only harm to the good name and business reputation, victims of slander, but enormous material losses.

What to do on your own, if in relation to You on any site posted defamatory, offensive or defamatory information?

First, you need to send a letter to the owner of the site with a rebuttal and a demand to remove the slander. If the slander was posted by a third – party user of the site, it is likely that it will be removed.

If Your application has remained without attention it is necessary to fix on paper the specified information (to print out it is better on the color printer) and to certify at the notary. At the same time, it is necessary to conduct a psychological and linguistic examination, or at least a study of the text, for the presence of signs of slander in it.

Next, you need to file an application for libel to the Prosecutor’s office, internal Affairs agencies or (and) to the court. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the expert opinion and notarized printouts from the site containing slander.

If in the usual way it is not possible to defeat slander on the Internet, then You will have to use the services of the company to remove and oust slander from search engines. The service to remove slander from search results is quite expensive and takes a long time, about 3 months to six months.

At the same time, the probability that the defamatory information will disappear from the network completely and forever is small. The service is reduced to placing on a variety of Internet resources information on keywords, which are indexed slander, but the opposite in meaning, slanderous information. As new information is indexed, the old information is gradually pushed from the search results to the next pages.

Slander is a very unpleasant phenomenon in our society. If society is hurt by envy, greed and cynicism, then slander and insults begin to sprout in it like a weed!

It has become especially easy to spread slander in our time-the era of rapid development of the Internet. Today, any of Your well-wishers can register on the site reviews and write slander for every taste. Under this subscribe still and not their, and other Your known. All this is now possible in the age of the world wide web.

Or the next option-begins attack on You in social networks. At first You are shocked! …

Trying to reach the owner of the Internet resource, but all without benefit. Really, you alone can not cope with this. It is necessary to address to professionals – in the first Agency on fight against slander. And this Struggle should be conducted only in a comprehensive manner and deal professional blows to slanderers on all fronts. Here need not simply lawyers, and seasoned bison in his fact!

There is also a legal part-writing the correct application to the police and the court. The work of a linguist is the examination of the belonging of slanderous tests.

Internet slander

How libel spreads on the Internet

Of course the most effective and accessible is the dissemination of defamatory information through the Internet. On the Internet, there is always an opportunity to present themselves with different names, to act from different IP addresses, to use different platforms for this.

On the Internet appeared with a light hand of Google users such a thing as” Google ” and this is not only used by respectable people. Using a simple registration, in which you do not need to enter your phone and your personal data, they begin an attack on a respectable person or a rival company.

Information is distributed in the network very quickly and becomes available to a large number of people at the same time. It is this fact that gives slander and insults spread through the Internet a high public danger.

The main reasons:

1. Envy

2. Gain

3. Simply hatred to You on any life situation.

The main channels of defamation:

1) Personal contacts between people

2) Internet

3) mass media television, Newspapers, magazines.

Who usually writes slander on the Internet? These are three categories of citizens:

1. Your envious

2. Your competitor

3. Your exes (partners, colleagues, spouses, bosses or employees)

These are the people who have a motive for these actions, who in relation to You at least care. And of course those who do Not wish you well, that is, they are ill-wishers.